Tyre Rotations and Balancing

  • 15 minutes
  • From $40
  • Saint Georges Road

Service Description

Why are tire rotations so important? Do you know why it’s important to get a tire rotation? Well, the front and rear tires on your vehicle wear differently. This means that your front and back tires will have an uneven amount of tread on them. Rotating your tires will help them ware evenly and thus extending the lifespan of the tire. This means that you’ll spend less money on your Charlotte car tires because you won’t have to replace them as often. Front to rear tire rotation: Both tires in the front of the vehicle are moved to the rear on the same side and the rear tires are moved to the front on the same side. Vehicle Type: same-size wheels Tire type: directorial tires (tires that rotate in only one direction) “X” rotation or rearward cross: Move the rear tires to the front on the same side. Then move your front tires to the rear on the opposite side. Vehicle type: rear wheel drive and 4-wheel drive Tire type: directional Side to side rotation: Switch your back tires with each other, then switch your front tires with each other. Vehicle type: different-side wheels Tire type: non-directional (tires that can rotate more than one way) Forward cross or “X” rotation: Move the front tires directly back. Then move the rear tires to the front on opposing sides. Vehicle type: front-wheel drive Tire type: non-directional

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