Modern vehicles have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system. The brakes may be disc or drum types. Wheel Repair Services in Auckland can replace your worn brakes and restore your vehicle's stopping power.


Disc brakes

Disc brakes have discs that spin with the wheel. The disc is straddled by a calliper with small hydraulic pistons. The pistons press on your brake pads and clamp against the disc from each side to slow or stop it. Many cars have wear sensors. When the pads are nearly worn out a warning light on the instrument panel appears.

Drum brakes

A drum brake has a hollow drum that turns with the wheel. Its open back is covered by a backplate on which there are two curved shoes carrying friction linings. The shoes are forced outwards by hydraulic pressure moving pistons in the brake's wheel cylinders, so pressing the linings against the inside of the drum to slow or stop it.


Drum brakes may fade if they are applied repeatedly within a short time - they heat up and lose their efficiency until they cool down again. Discs, with their more open construction, are much less prone to fading.

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