Terms & Conditions

Updated Jan 2022

The Wheel Repair Services ( WRS ) product range is extensive and is constantly being added to.  The items online do not cover the entire range so don’t hesitate to call us and further information will be sent to you. 0800 624 737


All prices shown on this website are in New Zealand dollars and include GST. Because we are based in New Zealand and have to convert your purchase to New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate on the day it is processed, the price advertised might not be the exactly same price charged to the credit card account due to exchange rate fluctuations. 

Product Availability

​Due to movement of stock not all items are always available. WES Ltd endeavours to update the website with any out of stock items but occasionally orders are received before this time. You will be contacted as soon as possible with an approximate delivery date and to offer a refund if this delay is not acceptable.

Online Promotions

The Promoters decisions will be final. No correspondence concerning any decision made by the Promoters will be entered into. The Promoter reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate any online promotion and terms and conditions at any time.

Any questions relating to on promotions should be referred to
The Promoters, c/- WRS LTD, Mew Zealand

Credit Card Purchasing

Purchasing online with your credit card is a very convenient way of shopping. Simply fill in your details and the purchase will be billed to your account. – We accept all major credit cards –  VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard, Diners, American Express and many more. – The online payment system is completely secure – all of your credit card details are encrypted.

Gift Vouchers

WRS Ltd offer gift vouchers in all denominations – these can be purchased online or in person. If you have received a Waters NZ Ltd Gift Voucher you can redeem it by buying a Waters product, either online or at our store.

On Line Orders


On completion of the online transaction you will be presented with a receipt number. You will also be sent an email confirming this receipt number and estimated delivery date as soon as your order has been finalised.

Offline Payment

If you prefer not to purchase online, that’s fine. Please just fax or phone us your details. Please ensure you provide a full description noting code and if relevant size and color and all contact and delivery information.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

Payment is due within 21 days of issue. Unless payment is received in full or a payment arrangement is entered into with us within 28 days of the date of this notice we will be left with no alternative but to place the collection of this debt with our debt collection agency, Bay Corp Ltd. This will affect any credit you may have with current suppliers. Under our terms and conditions of trade, this will mean that you will incur collection costs over and above your original debt and that we may take action we deem necessary to recover this debt. We trust that this will not be necessary.


WRS Ltd has a seven day return policy which is, if you are not happy with your purchase WRS Ltd may return your product  providing the product is still in new condition unopened - Tyres not to be fitted to wheels.  The customer will always have to pay the freight.

Goods sold on a door to door basis may be returned within seven days, and or any goods which are deemed to have manufacturers defect or fault will be exchanged or may be refunded. This is the only time refunds will be offered, or where we are obligated to refund under the consumers guarantee act 1993.

Your comments

WRS Ltd are always delighted to hear your views, either on the products or any aspect of the service. New Zealand telephone 0800 624 737 or email us using the contact form on this site.